We are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence.
- We believe that in order to be a growing Church, and to stay a growing Church, we must be a healthy Church
- We believe in holistic health: spirit, mind, and body, and promote that health in all that we say and do.
Our Faith is not something that is practiced in a separate compartment outside of all of the other life domains. We are at our best when our needs and goals in life are being met in all of the life domains. As Saint Paul said so clearly, when one part suffers, the entire body suffers. It’s true in our community, and it is true in our own lives.

It is for this reason, that Saint Therese is connected with community agencies of like mind, particularly the Family Care Community Partnership. (FCCP). The FCCP is the parent organization of the PINS Program, of which Saint T’s was a founding member. The FCCP works with children and families to connect them across the spectrum of services available in the State of Rhode Island, in order to ensure healthy solutions in all of the life domains. The FCCP and the program they run called “Wraparound”, focuses on solutions that are culturally relevant, and that are empowering, and promote independence.

Within our own Parish we also have a program called “Small Groups”, the purpose of Small Groups is to bring the message of Sunday home during the week, so that our faith can impact our lives to create change in the areas we feel we want it most. Check out a Small Group, by clicking “Small Group Resources”, in the “Quick Links” section to the left.
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