We are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence.
-  We believe in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist, its centrality as the source and summit of our faith, and the font from which the other Sacraments flow
-  We believe that the Sacraments are visible signs of invisible realities, that communicate grace
-  We believe that the Sacraments are all restorative; restoring and deepening our relationship with God, and one another
-  We believe in the tenants set forth in the Nicene Creed 
Wherever they are found, the Independent/Old Catholic Church are usually the  minority of the people, but smallness of numbers does not mean that they are an unimportant Church; on the contrary, they hold a very definite place in Catholic Christendom.
We join the other Apostolic, Independent Catholic Jurisdictions across the world in prayer, that one day the Holy Spirit will bring us all together in unity. There is indeed only One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church; its manifestations however are many, and true, and full of rich histories all of their own. The word Catholic means “universal”; we pray that just as we are now united in Word and Sacrament, one day the walls of religious politics will fall, and the unity of the Cross will prevail across the entire Church.
The Clergy of Saint Therese Old Catholic Church receive their faculties for ministry from Bishop Scott Kershaw, Bishop of the Diocese of New England, Independent Catholic Church of the Americas (ICCA).
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