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What is a Brown Mass?? Truth be told, you’ve likely never heard of such a thing before! A Brown Mass is a tradition here at Saint T’s, where we honor the Carmelite roots of our Parish Patroness, Saint Therese. The religious order she joined, the Carmelites, wear brown & crème habits. This color scheme is present in our Church physically, and it is also where we got the name for this special devotion.

Throughout the year at our daily Masses, we honor various Saints of the Carmelite Order; some are included in the General Calendar of the Church, while others are not. We also commemorate major events in the life of Saint Therese, or those whose lives greatly impacted her. These remembrances throughout the year force us to pause, and remember our “Spiritual Roots”. These people and events helped make Therese the person she was; and we want Therese to effect the people that we are…making us extended members of “the Carmelite Family”, and making them a part of our own spiritual story.
While the Serenity Prayer certainly is most commonly associated with 12 Step Programs, it by no means is useful only to the Addict; it’s useful to everyone who is broken; every single one of us!

Its words give a powerful message to all who seek to be a Disciple of the Lord. Think of all the time we waste trying to change the things that we can’t! Think of all the time we spend trying to change the people that we can’t. The only person we can really change is ourselves; and to do so takes courage.
The Serenity prayer reminds us that we are not God; we don’t always have the right answers, and we don’t always know best…and that’s ok, because we have Him for all of that!
May we all be granted the serenity to accept the things, people, and circumstances that we can’t change. May we be granted the courage to change ourselves into the best possible version of “us” that we can be. May we always be blessed with the wisdom to remember who we are, who God is, and the significant difference between the two!
Jimmy Daignault was the first Parishioner of Saint Therese that we have had to bid farewell to from this life, as he was called home to the Lord on July 11, 2013.

As this was the first member of our family to complete his journey home to the Lord, we wanted to commemorate his life in a special way. Given his love for the Blessed Mother, this seemed most appropriate.
The Jimmy Daignault Memorial Rosary Society is a collection of Parishioners, supporters, and friends, who have committed to pray the Rosary three times a week. In agreeing to immerse themselves in this devotion, members strive to come to know Our Lord through the Blessed Mother in this ancient tradition of our faith.

Members receive a Rosary from the Parish that was blessed on the Feast of the Holy Family in 2013. The Rosaries have been donated in loving memory of Irene Fernandes.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Rosary Society should contact Father Dave.
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